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The Florida MapInfo User Group (FMUG) was founded in December of 1992. FMUG is one of the earliest if not the first MapInfo user group to be formed in North America.

FMUG meetings are typically held on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 9:00 AM and 12:00 noon. It is frequently the case that a member hosts the meeting. As a result, over the years FMUG meetings have moved around the state.

We view FMUG as a platform for continuing education in the use of MapInfo products and an excellent vehicle for professional networking. FMUG meetings also provide a great opportunity for end-users to spot light their own MapInfo projects.


Recent FMUG meeting held:


Where: The Tampa Tribune Auditorium
              Tampa Tribune Building
              202 South Parker Street
              Tampa, FL 33601

Details about next meeting to be announced.

FMUG thanks our hosts the Tampa Tribune.




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