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Redistricting / Reprecincting 

Image Tools to construct the perfect geographic model of streets, points and boundaries to geocode voters and tabulate at the precinct or block level. When your legislature completes redistricting you can easily reprecinct and automatically update your voter registration system from the map with GeoElections®. Click Here to find out More >>

GeoAuthor®-GT and GeoPoints

Image ICW offers the means to edit shape files and geodatabases stored with or without topology. Manage US Census TIGERs or locally created layers to construct a base map with GeoAuthorGT™ for use with GeoElections®, GeoSchools, GeoCad911 or other ICW products designed to meet your management objectives.   Click Here to find out More >>

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"It all begins with the Map!"


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 International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) founded in 1988, provides a range of products and services designed to leverage the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. ICW provides customers with GIS consulting support, conversion services, software applications, training, and post sales support.