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Corporate Overview of
International Computer Works, Inc.

International Computer Works, Inc. (ICW) founded in 1988, provides a range of products and services designed to leverage the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. ICW provides customers with GIS consulting support, conversion services, software applications, training, and post sales support.

The first project undertaken involved services to Dow Jones and Company in the design of a system for their direct marketing department using their National Delivery Service geofile to sell subscriptions of the Wall Street Journal, Asian Wall Street, Barons and National Employment Weekly. In the summer of 1988, ICW became an Authorized Reseller of MapInfo products.

Our primary facility located at 111 South Riverhills Drive, Temple Terrace, FL, serves as our sales and training center, base of operations of software development, support services and Corporate Headquarters.

In 1995 ICW was awarded a contract from the Secretary of State of Wyoming. The deliverables consisted of the ICW TIGER Update Software (TIGERUS©) and the necessary training to enable representatives of the 23 County Clerks to update TIGER/Line Files. On the success of the Wyoming project, numerous governmental agencies and private firms across the country have used TIGERUS©. Today, this product has evolved into GeoAuthor®.

ICW has developed vertical applications that leverage the data created with GeoAuthor®, which facilitates editing topologically constructed GIS data. GeoAuthor®, can be used for editing both non and topological data for use with locally created data derived from city or county GIS Departments and US Census Bureau TIGER/Line Shapefiles.

GeoElections® is a GIS interface for elections that interoperates with voter registration systems and provides election results at the precinct level using interactive maps with WebElections®.
GeoElections WebTools© provides access to election data through interactive maps on the web including ballots and a lesson plan for classroom use.
ICWAVL© offers real-time mapping for both in vehicle navigation and field data acquisition for use in maintaining organizational base maps.
GeoCensusIQ® creates intelligent maps by linking user selected census demographics with maps.
GeoSchools© provides planners with tools to create socio-economically balanced attendance zones.
GeoChoice® opens school districts for the freedom to attend any school while maintaining balance.
GeoBus© assists transportation departments in routing school buses in a choice environment.
GeoBuilder® creates geofiles for 911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems via a transfer of GIS data to a tabular database.
GeoNENA® provides the 911 Database Administrator with the tools to validate and link the NENA 512 records from the telco providers in order to build an ANI\ALI database.
GeoCad911 is an interactive map display that reads the enhanced data for 911, plots the location on the call and recommends addresses to which responders can be dispatched.
Universal TIGER Translator (UTT) © translates TIGER/Line Files published by the US Bureau of the Census from 1995 through 2011.
US Digital Map Atlas (USDMA) © is an 2 DVD set of map data specific to the United States based upon US Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles and USGS data.

The ICW client list is a diverse mix of organizations in both the public and private sectors. They range from banking to public safety, law enforcement to real estate, franchise sales to education and manufacturing to elections. The need to visualize, study, and analyze geographically dispersed data with a cost effective GIS has proven to be a universal need.

We anticipate continued growth in the depth of our corporate resources, facilities, market expansion, and implementation of diverse technologies with GeoAuthor® and our numerous add-on applications. ICW is ideally positioned to contribute to the value of the national treasury of digital geography and education.