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I. 2004 2nd Edition TIGER/Line Files (TIGERs) NAD 83 and 1994 TIGER/Line Files (TIGERs) NAD 27. Source - U.S. Census Bureau The TIGER/Line Files cover each of the 67 counties in the State of Florida with 17 to 40 layers of information. Block, Block Groups, Tracts/BNA, MCD/CCD, Place, County, Reservation, and Alaskan Native Lands, Elementary/Middle/Secondary/Unified School Districts, CMSA/PMSA/MSA, Urbanized Area, water polygons, Congressional Districts, voter precincts, landmark polygons and points, key geographic locations, roads, major roads, airports and railroad tracks, linear water features, and Zip+4 centroids.

II. Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) Source - Federal Emergency Management Agency The FEMA DFIRMs cover 21 counties.

III. Florida Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Source - 7.5 USGS Quadrangles The PLSS covers 67 counties.

IV. Florida Soils Maps (STATSGO) Source - National Soils Conservation Survey The STATSGO maps cover all of Florida.

V. Florida County High Resolution Map Source - 1994 and later TIGER/Line Files.  The Florida County High Resolution Maps cover the entire state and identify the Florida State Plane Zone for each county.

VI. Demographics Source - U.S. Census STF3A Florida Block Group Boundaries with population (pop) count, 1995 pop estimates and 2000 geographic header file with pop.

These digital map products were created with The Universal TIGER Translator (UTT), and DLGInfo. The translators where developed by and are available from ICW.

The Florida Digital Map Atlas Version 3.0 is available and includes the following:

  • Three CD Set
  • Manual describing data content and coverage by county

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