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US Digital Map Atlas

Product Specification (PDF File)

The ICW US Digital Map Atlas was developed from the 2004 TIGER/Line Files prepared by the US Bureau Of The Census. The TIGER/Line Files use a NAD 83 projection. All coordinates are expressed as Longitude and Latitude. The 2004 TIGER/Line Files were processed with the widely used ICW Universal TIGER Translator (UTT). UTT technology was first introduced in 1992 making it the most widely used and field tested TIGER to MapInfo Translator available. UTT is also distributed by ICW.

The ICW US Digital Map Atlas covers the 50 states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The maps are organized into units of geography: by county in 48 states, parishes in Louisiana, in Alaska the division is boroughs and census areas and county equivalents in other areas.


There are 17 to 40 plus layers of information for every unit of geography: Block, Block Groups, Tracts/BNA, MCD/CCD, Place, County, Reservation, and Alaskan Native Lands, Elementary/Middle/Secondary/Unified School Districts, CMSA/PMSA/MSA, Urbanized Area, water polygons, Congressional Districts, voter precincts, landmark polygons and points, key geographic locations, roads, major roads, airports and railroad tracks, linear water features, other physical features, ZCTA’s and Zip+4 centroids.


Customer specific data sets can be derived from this national atlas. For example one may be interested in a ZIP+4 coverage for the entire US, a region, or a State. Perhaps a Tract or Block Group table for the same geographic area is required. ICW can assist the client in the creation of these types of custom data sets or create custom data sets for the customer.

Direct linkage to demographic data between the 2000 decennial census data products or third party demographic providers can be accomplished quite easily. Blocks, Block Groups, Tracts, Place, and other Census geography carry the necessary FIPS and area codes with which to join demographic records.

Map Manager is distributed with the ICW US Digital Map Atlas . Map Manager is an application designed for the convenience of installing data from the distribution CD’s, opening various combinations of tables from several counties simultaneously, and combining multiple tables into a larger regional table.


ICW GeoCoder is an innovative solution to geocoding to street files in the USDMA. The ICW GeoCoder uses the left and right five digit ZIP Code as an attribute of the line to refine geocoding to the street along with the traditional address information for each segment.

  • Eight CD Set
  • ICW US Digital Map Atlas User Guide describing data structures and CD content
  • Map Manager and User Guide
  • ICW GeoCoder